Art by Raúl Gonzalez III


The drawings in the Pelt series showcase scalped heads, confused Buffalo and Buffalo Pelts in the Outer Limits of Knowledge. The Heads signify fictional characters called "Indians" as they have been drawn by cartoonists and animators over the years. The drawings themselves resemble romanticized versions of the west as depicted by Frederick Remington, Louis L'amour, and John Ford, and they are combined with the wide-eyed innocence of a Walt Disney production. Cartoon characters are like water in that they can take any form that we imagine for them as well as survive any treatment. They have been dehumanized and can therefore be tortured and humiliated without any lasting degree of guilt or consequence before disappearing from our memories altogether.

«el Pan de Cada Dia   Los Nuevos Guerreros»

© Raúl Gonzalez III