Art by Raúl Gonzalez III


Snapshots of the landscape of “Tranquilandia” show us a world fraught with images of poverty and violence. Large-scale drawings, found and reused objects, and videos of fractured visual and aural static create an immersive installation reflecting a world often ignored and rarely portrayed. Roosters wielding weapons perform acts of violence, fueled by a culture of hyper-machismo. The after effects are visible in beaten and bruised faces and in panoramas littered with body parts. The poor and abused appear in the guise of faceless hair-dos, flea-bitten dogs, and faces hardened by what their eyes have been forced to see. The drawings are downtrodden as well, bleached in the sun and left behind as litter. Yet they are beautifully rendered in a language of old cartoons, cultural stereotypes and images of the old-time west. Stained with coffee, and drawn in crayon, Bic pen and acrylic the work explores the depth of human cruelty and compassion.

“Tranquilandia” is a place where “in every exuberant burst of joyfulness there is heard an undertone of terror.”

«Los Nuevos Guerreros   el Pan de Cada Dia»

© Raúl Gonzalez III